Andrea Dossena hasn't had a club since leaving third-tier Italian side Piacenza Calcio in the summer. 

Now having some options on the table, the 36-year-old former Italy international has explained to TMW why he believes the January transfer window is something of a farce.

The full back claims he could have moved to ​Tottenham Hotspur in the January window, but instead opted to wait until the summer; in which he secured his favoured move to​ Liverpool back in 2008.

Having turned down a move to White Hart Lane and secured his dream move to Anfield, the defender spoke about his big preference regarding summer transfer windows.

"In a January window I had the chance to go to Tottenham," he revealed. "Udinese, who held my card, opposed because for politics they did not sell the best players in the current season. It agreed with them, because six months later, continuing to do well, Liverpool bought me."

He advised: "The best thing in January is to turn off the phone and just think about playing."

Dossena's views are pretty subjective considering his entire basis comes from his own very personal experience - in which he happened to favour Liverpool over Tottenham - but his argument is worth considering, as we monitor big potential deals for the remainder of this window.