​Argentinian star Lionel Messi must be used to embarrassing footballers. Hell, he does it every week. And judging from one of Barcelona's latest tweets, no one is safe - not even his teammates.

The 30-year-old was filmed embarrassing a few of his colleagues during a training session, exhibiting extraordinary change of pace to outwit and outshine the poor lads before slotting the ball past the keeper.

​​Absolute magic, right?

The forward, though, will have the pleasure of playing alongside a midfielder who could be just as flashy on his day, with ​Philippe Coutinho joining the Catalan side from Liverpool last weekend.

Fans must be excited at the prospect of watching the Brazilian combine with Messi to create even more of a spectacle at the Camp Nou and the other Primera Division stadiums in Spain.

​Barca's defender's are probably dreading having to go up against both Messi and Coutinho in training, however. But we will be looking out for the videos!