Since 2012, League of Legends has always away celebrated the Lunar New Year which is an annual festival that is mainly popular in Asian culture. After each passing festival, one of the twelve Chinese zodiacs represents the new year. 

With each Lunar Revel, League of Legends has sought out to introduce champion skins that fit the Chinese zodiac appropriately. This includes champion skins such as Warring Kingdoms Azir for the Year of the Rooster, Radiant Wukong for the Year of the Monkey, and Jade Fang Cassiopeia for the Year of the Snake. 

It was pointed out by "Spooky Gangplank" on Reddit that currently in the League of Legends shop Galactic Nasus is currently named Lunar Revel Nasus. Currently, it's uncertain whether this was an intentional teaser or potential leak.

For 2018, the next Chinese Zodiac will be the Year of the Dog. By understanding that Riot tries to represent zodiac themes, we can conclude that Nasus would be the only truly fitting representative for this year.

It actually would have been more surprising if Nasus doesn't get a skin for the Lunar Revel. Considering he is the main dog champion in the game, even other members of DBLTAP have acknowledged that Nasus should be the representative for the Lunar Revel.

Riot does a great job with each yearly theme including their winter event. Make sure to keep your eyes out for any Nasus based skin getting announced in the future.

Image Courtesy of League of Legends