4 Reasons Why the Premier League Festive Fixtures are Damaging for the Game

There are many reasons why some place the Premier League above other leagues as the greatest in the world. Players from abroad make the switch from their domestic leagues to the Premier League, immersing themselves in British culture. 

Many will point towards the unpredictable nature of the league, whereby a club that resides at the foot of the table can best another at the head, on any given 15:00pm Saturday. 

Though, there is one factor that makes the English league stand out from its peers. The festive period of Christmas, which spills over into the New Year's celebrations is a time where most leagues around Europe hit the pause button. Said leagues, hang up their boots for the festive period, and join their families in hanging up ornaments on the tree. 

But not for the Premier League. 

Instead, the FA gift clubs the present of playing four Premier League games across the span of 13 days. As fans of the game, we love it, as we are given more football than our stomachs can handle.

However, its not fun for everyone. Here's a list on why the congested festive fixtures is not all that it seems:

4. The Pursuit of the Champions League

The Premier League is already a league that obtains the most gruelling path towards success. Its highly competitive structure, from top-to-bottom is one reason why some suggest that it is the best league in the world.

So as other leagues go on hiatus around Christmas time - with some clubs preparing themselves for the second half of season as well as the Champions League -, teams in the Premier League continue to slug it out like the 12th round of a Heavyweight bout. 

There has been many discussions in the past about potentially abolishing the festive period to improve English clubs chances in the Champions League, but there hasn't been much change on that front.

The last English club to win the Champions League was Chelsea in 2011/12. Since then, English clubs have been almost allergic to the Finals stage, perhaps expending their stamina for the competition on the treacherous Christmas scheduling. 

3. Fantasy Football Woes

There is no greater fear than for a Fantasy Football owner waiting upon the team news that will greatly impact his/her's fantasy team. With the festive period being so congested it means managers have to rotate their squad to keep against fear of burnout.

Spare a thought to the Fantasy Football owner that has captained Premier League top goalscorer Harry Kane, only for Spurs boss Mauricio Pochettino to bench him for rest reasons. An unspoken betrayal. 

The fixture pileup of the festive period causes uncertainty, not just for the managers themselves, but also for the game of Fantasy Football players.

2. The Quality of Football

Common sense suggest that because there is more football for us to feast on during the festive period means that our enjoyment will also rise with it, but that is not the case here. Beneath the threadbare novelty of common sense is the insidious nature of poor quality of football. 

Passes aren't as slick, games are more scrappy and defending goes amiss. These are just some of the ingredients served along side our Christmas turkey of more Premier League football. 

With the games coming so quick and fast, there is less times for teams to prepare for games, and even lesser time for players to recover from their previous games. With less recovery time comes with it the musical chairs of squad rotations. 

Imagine being a Manchester United fan and finding out that Paul Pogba, the most expensive Premier League signing, is sitting on the bench?

1. A Game of Attrition

The festive period puts more strain on the players of the game. The game of football is already enduring enough, but throw in the mix short recovery times, and what you have is a recipe for disaster.

Recently, Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola lambasted the FA governing board for the lack of protection for the players of the league. Guardiola recently lost key players during the festive period - losing Gabriel Jesus and Kevin De Bruyne in the 0-0 draw at Crystal palace

Elsewhere, Crystal Palace confirmed that duo Jason Puncheon and Scott Dann are out for the remainder of the season, suffering from knee injuries in the very same 0-0 draw.

Quoted from the Daily Mail, according to freelance injury data analyst Ben Dinnery, there was a 26 per cent rise in injuries last month compared to November.

The Premier League might be the best league in the world, but will it be if all of its stars that allure the audience fall to lengthy injuries?