​He may be Sweden's record goalscorer of all time and the recipient of Swedish player of the year 11 times, but ​Manchester United's Zlatan Ibrahimovic believes that he is being unfairly treated in his home country.

This comes from an interview on French channel Canal Plus (H//T ​101GreatGoals), in which ex-Leeds United player Oliver Dacourt asks Ibrahimovic a series of hard-hitting questions.

The Swede believes that the media attack him because “they cannot accept that I am Ibrahimovic”.

When asked if perhaps he is too arrogant, Ibrahimovic replied: "That doesn’t matter. I’m the best there is. Either you are proud or you are not."

​​Ibrahimovic has certainly never been one to shy away from controversy. He has been known to fall out with team-mates and managers in the past, most notably Pep Guardiola, his ex-manager at ​Barcelona who he reportedly called "​The most immature" manager he has had. 


The Swede faces another frustrating spell on the sidelines having missed United's 0-0 draw with ​Southampton, with Mourinho confirming he looks like being out for at least a month.

Ibrahimovic had only returned to first team action the week before against ​Burnley, but a persistent knee problem looks like it will continue to plague the 36-year-old's season.