6 Things That Carlos Carvalhal Needs to Do Immediately in Order Keep Swansea In the Premier League

So former Sheffield Wednesday manager Carlos Carvalhal has been announced as the new Swansea boss; and, let's be honest - he has a MAMMOTH of a job to do.

Not necessarily due to the actual position that the Swans are in. They're only five points away from being out of the relegation zone, which over the course of half a season, actually means very little - especially at the bottom of the table where the teams around you aren't winning week in week out.

However, the playing squad hugely lacks quality and confidence. Carvalhal has the job of keeping a Championship level team in the Premier League - which is huge ask. Thankfully, he has a transfer window between now and the conclusion of the season - so let's see what he has to do...

7. Demand Total Control Over Transfers

As far as it seems, no Swansea manager has had total control over his transfers since Michael Laudrup left the club - and what signings could you name that have been crucial for the club? One or two?

That's not good enough, and largely, these signings haven't been of good enough quality for the Premier League, which is why we're currently seeing the lack of ability on the pitch at the Liberty at the moment.

January is crucial, and the club need players that will make a big difference - Huw Jenkins won't supply them.

6. Bring Back the Confidence

Right now the team's confidence may well be at an all time low. Nowadays managers need brilliant man management skills, and Carvalhal has to have exactly that.

Paul Clement didn't seem to be the biggest motivator in the world, and Swansea's confidence is now on the floor. You look at the performance differences in players right now compared to the second half of last season and it's incredible.

Look at Tom Carroll and you can see just how much confidence affects a player.

5. Buy Competition for the Full Backs

This is bigger than people might realise. Neither Kyle Naughton nor Martin Olsson have any competition for their places in the team, and it's obvious.

Both full backs have been poor so far this term, with full knowledge that regardless of how well they play, no one is there to displace them from the starting line up.

Signing a couple of full backs in January might wake them up a bit, and if it doesn't, they can be replaced. Swansea need and deserve better than those two have been this season.

4. Keep Alfie Mawson

Swansea fans shudder at the thought of losing such an important figure at such an important time for the club.

Rumours have emerged in the last few days that West Ham will make a £25m bid for defensive leader Alfie Mawson, and it is paramount that Carvalhal keeps him.

Sure, £25m is a lot of money, but looking at Swansea's transfer experiences in the last couple of years tells you that the money earned will not be reinvested properly. 

Mawson has been one of the rare rays of light in an otherwise dull season in South Wales, and even if the club do sell, an adequate replacement is surely improbable at this point in time.

3. Fix the Midfield

Oh dear lord does this need looking at. It's almost comical.

Eight possible options in the centre of the pitch and only one of them can claim to have played well enough to deserve a place in the team. Carvalhal needs to whip them into shape and fast. Too often is possession lost in the middle of the park, the build up play is much too slow, and the passing has been unquestionably awful.

If it means signing a new player, so be it. If it means selling five of them, so be it. Something needs to be fixed. This season there's been no consistency in the starting lineup because no one's played well enough to warrant it. Midfield is without the most important area of the pitch that Carvalhal has to focus on.

2. Sign an Attacking Midfielder

This doesn't even need explaining. Gylfi Sigurdsson sold, no one brought in to replace him.

No attacking midfielder = no link between midfield and attack; thus, no goals.

Swansea have lost more games this season than goals scored - this isn't rocket science.

1. Get the Attacking Juices Flowing

So here it is - two new attacking full backs; Alfie Mawson still at the Liberty, keeping the defence strong. A midfield that plays like clockwork - efficient and effective. Carvalhal has signed a new attacking midfielder who can make a huge difference (a big ask, granted).

Now, Tammy Abraham and Wilfried Bony finally have service. Swansea can finally start taking actual shots. Get all of this flowing and survival will come. 

The team doesn't need much tweaking, but once those tweaks are made, the squad will seem so different to how it does now.

Carlos Carvalhal has a massive job on his hands in order to save this team, but with a few wise movements in the transfer window (and the backing from Huw Jenkins), survival isn't out of reach.