4 Things Southampton Should Consider Doing to Spend the Virgil van Dijk Money Wisely

Virgil van Dijk will become the eighth most expensive player in the history of football on January 1st and his soon-to-be former club Southampton are going to receive a hefty sum of money because of it.  

But the £75m they'll receive from Liverpool presents a lot of different opportunities to spend it in a variety of different ways.

But whilst it's up to Southampton to decide how wisely the spend that figure, here's four things they should consider in order to use it wisely:

1. Avoid 'Doing a Tottenham'...

By this, we don't mean bottling it in the Spring, we mean spending the money all in one go. 

When Spurs sold Gareth Bale in 2013, they spent the entire £85m and more on seven high-profile players, of which only two are still at the club and arguably only one was worth the money.

Excluding Christian Eriksen, pretty much everyone else in the so-called 'S Club 7' turned out to be a bit of a flop for Spurs, and they're now littered across Europe for a variety of clubs.

What Southampton need to do is sit back on this money and not panic and fritter it all out like a child with too much pocket money.

They're a football club worth nine figures, so they best act like it.

2. Don't Over-Pay

Many pundits have said that Liverpool have paid over the odds for Van Dijk, but the Saints have to make sure they don't do the same when they find a replacement. 

It's one thing to not spend it all in one go, but also when they do spend it, they need to make sure they're getting value for their money. 

Clubs with an over-abundance of money have an unfortunate tendency to pay over the odds just because they can. 

If the Southampton scouts have been on their game in recent months, then we'll hopefully see a few players come in under the radar that could end up being shrewd bits of business.

3. Spend it on Something Other Than Players

You have to spend money to make money. In football, money means exposure. For Premier League teams, exposure is European tournaments.

And you don't necessarily need new players to do that.

Since their return to the Premier League, Southampton have competed in European competitions twice, with two attempts in the Europa League in the last two seasons.

But aside from Leicester City, they have the smallest stadium capacity (32,505) of any Premier League team that's been in Europe in the last two seasons. 

If the Southampton bosses were to think a bit more long-term, they could put the money towards a stand expansion (a la Anfield) that would give them more ticket revenue and start the cycle for a greater revenue stream down the years.

4. Do Nothing

Sometimes the wisest action is no action at all. But admittedly this is the least likely option.

Despite sitting in 14th, their lowest league position after 19 games since 2012, Southampton don't intrinsically have a bad squad.

Charlie Austin (once he returns from his ban) has been in fine form at the front, as have Sofiane Boufal on the wing and Maya Yoshida in defence.

Whilst they may not claw back up to a sixth-placed finish, they could still finish in a respectable position in the league with their current squad unchanged.

This would leave the £75m in all its splendor waiting for use in the summer, where Mauricio Pellegrino will have a lot more breathing room to decide where the money goes.