Jorginho doesn't want a lot for Christmas.

He doesn't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree. But there's one thing he does desire - he wants ​Napoli to become winter champions.

The Italian will probably be featuring in Napoli's starting squad on Saturday afternoon for the key ​Serie A clash against Sampdoria and will aim at earning three precious points. 

The Azzurri have returned to the top spot of the league table after Inter lost the first game of the season against Udinese and are now one point clear of chasers ​Juventus and the Nerazzurri.

For this reason, Napoli will have to win at the San Paolo stadium on Saturday afternoon in order to keep their tiny lead - or even amplify it - and be crowned winter champions. 

Speaking to the microphones of ​Radio Kiss Kiss Napoli on Friday, the midfielder anticipated that it will be an interesting game as he said: "Tomorrow's match will be worth seeing and playing. Both sides will try to play football, the ball on the ground, and it will be entertaining.

"I don't think individual clashes will make the difference, I rather know that we are a very close group of friends."

He continued: "For my birthday I have organised a pyjama party and we had a lot of fun. This is also how a team becomes a whole group and wins the matches."

He knows how important winning the Scudetto would be for Napoli and being crowned winter champions would be of good help: "We can do this. We've been trying for three years. 

"We can't afford to give anything up cause it's still long until the end of the season. As a Christmas present, I would love to become winter table-toppers."