​Franck Ribery doesn't seem like the type of guy that you'd want to get on the wrong side of when it comes to good causes across the globe.

The ​Bayern Munich star took part in the Twitter movement #SolidarityforKarim on Thursday - a hashtag that came about after a helpless orphan named Karim, who was caught up in an air strike apparently conducted by the Syrian regime that left him without an eye and head injuries.

Ribery posted an image expressing his solidarity with Karim, who lost his mother in the attack, and was left aghast after he was set upon by a Marseille fan for his friendship with Karim Benzema, who was involved in a sex tape blackmail scandal a few years ago:

Instead of ignoring that insult, Ribery decided to go on the offensive and fight fire with, well, fire as he told the troll to "go and eat your grandmas' a**":

Talk about firing back at people who hit out at you eh? Social media has become a notoriously difficult place for famous people to go, given that they can be interacted with by anyone else.

We're sure Ribery has had his say now though and will go back to trying to promote this campaign for Syria's refugees.