​Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho walked out of his pre-match press conference ahead of his side's midweek home encounter with Bournemouth after persistent questioning over the post-match ruckus that took place following the Manchester derby.

According to reports, Mourinho confronted the ​Manchester City players on his way to his post-match interview at Old Trafford. The City players had been celebrating their well earned victory rather loudly, and the Portuguese boss took it upon himself to give them a reminder about respect.

And now, in the aftermath of the event, Mourinho staged a walkout of his press conference ahead of the Cherries' visit, claiming that reporters had no respect for​ Bournemouth:

"For me it was just a question of diversity - diversity in behaviours and diversity in education. Just that and nothing more than that," Mourinho began, according to Sky Sports- humouring journalists who were desperate to get his opinion on the matter.

"Diversity of behaviour, of opinion, of education you know.

"What we did in the Arsenal stadium was completely diverse, what happened after that, the way we behaved as winners."

Mourinho continued to be pressed by the reporters, asked if he is confident that his players were in the right when it came down to the supposed brawl: "I know. I am not confident. I know."

It was at this point that the United boss had heard enough, and went on to slam reporters for their lack of respect:

"You don't like Bournemouth eh? You don't respect them?," Mourinho said.

"You don't think they are a team capable to come to Old Trafford and do well? No respect for Eddie Howe? No respect for their players?"