The FA Cup ​third round clash between​ Crystal Palace and fellow ​Premier League side Brighton has been chosen to test the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) for the first time in a competitive English fixture.

Palace host Brighton on the sixth of January 2018, and in that match VAR will be used for the first time in England, according to a report on the Telegraph

This is said to be the first of many trials in which VAR is to be used, with many fans hoping to see it become a regular fixture in the Premier League in the not so distant future.

The Bundesliga has used VAR this season, and the response to the new system has been very good. The new system has allowed referee's to overturn decisions in the game in which they have made the wrong decision. 

The idea behind VAR is to make the game fairer and to lend a helping hand to the officials. The way that it works is that in each match a team of VARs will be chosen. The team consists of a current/former referee, video analyst and replay coordinator.

If the referee is unsure about a decision in the game, he can either listen to the advice given from the VAR team or choose to view the replay of the incident on a screen.

The future of VAR in England could hinge on the success or lack thereof in the game at the Amex Stadium next year.

As for the game itself, Palace drew 0-0 with ​Brighton in November. Despite this not being the most popular fixture of the third round, all eyes will be focused on whether or not VAR can be a success in England.