VIDEO: Alvaro Morata Sings 'Shape of You' to Ed Sheeran in the Weirdest Interview You'll See Today


Ed Sheeran and Alvaro Morata have both proven that they definitely shouldn't switch jobs after a truly bizarre interview in Spain, whereby Morata can be seen singing one of Ed's songs, and Sheeran attempts kick-ups in a pair of Timberlands.

Everything about this interview was odd. Especially if you don't speak Spanish. Whilst over in the South European country, Sheeran seems to be taking part in a TV show, using some form of earpiece translation - it's all very hard to follow if you're just sat watching at home.

Click on the ​link below to watch the video:

Anyway, some Spanish words are said (presumably along the lines of 'do you support Chelsea?'), and the weirdness begins - available to view via AS.

​"I grew up in a place called Ipswich, Ipswich have a football team called Ipswich Town." Sheeran responded.

"I enjoy watching football, my dads a Chelsea fan so I go with him every now and then.

"But my managers just bought a box at Tottenham, so I think my dads changing - he now wants to be a Tottenham fan so maybe we end up being Tottenham fans."

At this point (after pretty much admitting that he doesn't support Chelsea), Sheeran is greeted by Alvaro Morata:

"Hi Ed, I'm Alvaro Morata and it's a really big honour that you are a Chelsea supporter", begins the Blues striker, via video link.

"I'm also a very big fan of your music and I would like to challenge you to do a few touches with the ball, and I will sing this..."

Morata goes on to sing literally one line from Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You'; and it's quite clear that he ought to stick to the football.

And then, Sheeran attempts to do kick-ups in a pair of Timberlands. Spoilers: He wasn't very good. The artist reeks of 'I was picked last in every sporting event at school', and quite frankly, embarrasses himself on TV.

So, in summary; things to learn from this little debacle: Ed Sheeran can't kick a ball, Alvaro Morata can't sing, and the singer's dad is about as plastic as it gets when it comes to supporting football teams. What a strange few minutes.