Real Madrid captain has denied claims that he has been involved in a bust-up with Portuguese teammate Cristiano Ronaldo. The centre-back is adamant that the pair have a 'great friendship' and both 'pulling in the same direction' after a tough start to the season in La Liga.

The question arises after Ronaldo's criticism of the lack of experience in the Madrid dressing room - to which Ramos scoffed at. This, inevitably, has caused the media to assume some form of rift developing between the two.

However, Ramos has now come out and quashed the idea of a feud, despite admitting their opinions may differ from time to time:

 "Nothing has ever happened between him and me", Ramos told TVE.

"There has always been a great friendship between us.

"We have a lot of personality and have some different opinions, but we're pulling in the same direction."


The skipper also took the time to discuss his team's rocky season so far, admitting that while it could be considered a crisis, he and his teammates will continue to fight for the shirt:

"A draw here is seen as a crisis. We have to remain calm, maintain confidence and go objective by objective. It may not be the best start to a season ever, but we're still there and we will fight for every title.

"I give the fans my word that we will show face to the end and to the death. We hope to come back from [the Club World Cup] with a title because it would be good for the group in terms of motivation.

"It would do us a lot of good, ahead of the Clasico."