Everton caretaker manager David Unsworth spoke of how the Everton players need to take responsibility for the team's results.

"The players have to take responsibility," he told ​Sky Sports, "it's really important that the senior players take some sort of responsibility."

Southampton v Everton - Premier League

The comments come after a brutal 4-1 defeat away to Southampton on Sunday, where the blunt and lifeless effort of Everton let them down across the whole game.

"You just can't keep conceding goals the way were are at the moment, from crosses. I mean we've got three centre-backs we've got two centre-backs, you know people get in between us and it's the manner of the goals that are killing us at the moment."

But he was keen to speak of the future of the club and how changes need to happen.


"We need to regroup. I can't stand here and defend the players today. If players aren't ready to take that responsibility, we'll get players who do."

When asked about the need for a permanent appointment for a manager, he said:

​"If it's gonna be me then fine, but if not then we need to get someone in as quick as possible. It's got to the situation now where if any players are making excuses, it needs to be solved fairly quickly.

"What happens off the pitch will be decided by other people."

The loss against Southampton makes it three losses in their last five games for Everton, who are now well and truly in a crisis that needs to be sorted as soon as possible.

"We're in a fight and the only way you get out of a fight is to stand up and be counted.

"What's best for the football club is what I want."