The players and staff at Leeds United are poised to make a grand gesture in a bid to raise the sum of £200,000 for four-year-old neuroblastoma patient Toby Nye.

The requisite treatment for the toddler is not readily available on the NHS, and will cost around the aforementioned amount. But the club have also confirmed that all monies raised will go towards similar patients if the NHS do fund the procedure.

According to the Whites' official website, the players at the club, as well as the staff, will donate a day's wages when they host Sheffield United on October 27 at Elland Road in what has been coined 'One Day for Toby'.

The venture will also be joined by workers from Aser, Leeds' parent company, and charity Leeds United Foundation. The club will also hold various fund-raising events leading up to the game.

"Toby and his family met with me recently and I was deeply moved by his situation, as we all are," said club chairman Andrea Radrizzani.

"At Leeds United we do things as a family, Toby is part of our family and he needs our help, I know our supporters will unite behind us and together we can get him the treatment he needs to get better."

Neuroblastoma is a type of cancer that starts in very early forms of nerve cells in an embryo or fetus and spreads very rapidly.

Persons willing to make donations prior to the game are encouraged to head over to ​this link to do so.