Colombia star Radamel Falcao is under the microscope for appearing to persuade Peru players to settle for a draw so that both countries would qualify for the World Cup.

Colombia initially took the lead through James Rodriguez, courtesy of a Falcao assist, but a late Pablo Guerrero goal ensured that the match would be set for an intense conclusion.

Peru v Colombia - FIFA 2018 World Cup Qualifiers

At that point, a draw was enough to secure qualification for Colombia and a playoff place for Peru.

In what the internet has decided could be anything from a case of match fixing to Falcao whispering sweet nothings to throw off opponents, El Tigre's bizarre actions have made him the subject of a great deal of scrutiny since this video surfaced.

While there are no rules preventing Falcao from having told his opponents about the results of other qualifiers, it would be another matter entirely if his actions are what they appear to be.

Some have gone as far as suggesting that Falcao could be guilty of match-fixing but no formal action has been taken against him yet, nor is there any suggestion that it will.

Regardless of what was said (or not said), Colombia secured direct qualification to the World Cup finals while Peru will face New Zealand over the course of two legs to determine which side will go to Russia come the summer.