​The social media star that is Chelsea's Michy Batshuayi has hit new heights as the striker was involved in a rather bizarre Twitter banter exchange with Championship side Aston Villa after the club tagged him in a post relating to the best stories in football from social media. 

The 24-year-old isn't new to causing a viral series of posts on Twitter, as his bouts with EA Sports over his FIFA 18 rating and trolling of Diego Costa has made him somewhat of an online sensation away from the football field, but this time Batshuayi was bewildered by Villa's article. 

“Thx but .. Why you do this 路♂️,” he tweeted Aston Villa after being tagged in a post where they collate the best football stories from social media, to which Villa replied: "Because we like talking about all things football, including FIFA ratings "

Batshuayi's notable mention in Villa's roundup article was due to his latest exchange with EA Sports, as the 24-year-old tweeted the company after his winning goal against Atletico Madrid last week in search of a boost to his ratings - yet again. 

The response by EA Sports suggested Batshuayi would now improve all of his ratings to the maximum of 99.

Although these interactions are seemingly everyday events for the Chelsea striker, Aston Villa obviously thought highly enough of the Twitter exchange to include him in their article - much to his obvious confusion. 

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Despite scoring a number of important goals for the Blues, Batshuayi has struggled to hold down a starting position at Stamford Bridge since his arrival at the club in the summer of 2016, as he has made just eleven starts in his 36 appearances for the club.