Millwall Football Club were placed on the highest terror alert last month after video footage of the Lions' stadium, The Den, was sent to Pakistan by an employee and fears over a possible attack increased, according to the Sun.

The club, who are based in south-east London, discovered that their member of staff had been sending footage of their home stadium to a friend in Pakistan and decided to increase their terror alert level as a precautionary measure. 

The employee, a middle-aged man with over 10 years of service working for the club, spoke to police but was not arrested, however, he was admitted to hospital because of concerns over his mental health. The man has since been discharged but still remains away from the club on sick leave.

The club have been keen to reassure fans in a statement on their website that, following a police investigation, there has been no evidence to suggest The Den is any more at risk of a terror attack than it was before.

"Following media reports of a terrorist threat, ​Millwall Football Club wishes to stress to its supporters and staff that police units, after a thorough and exhaustive investigation, have found no evidence of a direct or indirect threat to the football club, its stadium, employees or fan base."