That's Unfortunate! 9 of the Craziest Injuries to Ever Happen in Football History


In an extremely unusual turn of events, Real Madrid sensation Marco Asensio was recently revealed to have missed a Champions League match against Apoel, after bizarrely picking up an infection whilst shaving his legs, leaving him unable to pull his socks up. 

In light of this peculiar incident, we decided to take a look at some of the craziest injuries to ever happen in football, some of them being far more unfortunate that the Spaniard's aforementioned incident...

9. Bryan Robson - Wakey Wakey

Injury: Broken Toe

As the 1990 World Cup was approaching, England captain Bryan Robson was tasked with getting the iconic Paul Gascoigne out of bed in the mornings, such was his role as the maverick's roommate. 

Robson resorted to picking up the midfielder's bed in an attempt to literally shake him out of it, and ended up dropping it on his foot, ultimately breaking his toe in the unfortunate event. 

8. Santiago Canizares - The Scent of Sadness

Injury: Severed Tendon

The former Valencia number one suffered one of the most untimely - and ridiculous- injuries of all time. 

Canizares had battled hard with Andoni Zubizarreta to win the chance to be Spain's number one at the 2002 World Cup, only to drop an aftershave bottle on his foot in the build up to the tournament. 

The keeper consequently severed the tendon in his toe and missed the event, and after the emergence of Iker Casillas, Canizares rarely featured again. 

7. Alan Wright - Ferrari Fail

Injury: Sprained Knee

Alan Wright, maker of over 250 appearances for Aston Villa, once decided to splash his substantial earnings as a footballer on a new Ferrari. 

He will have regretted that decision, however, when he managed to sprain his knee stretching out his 5ft 4" inch frame in an attempt to reach the pedals. 

A comical injury ultimately, one the former left back will have undoubtedly have been embarrassed about. 

6. Adam Chapman - Nip Slip

Injury: Burnt Nipple (yep...)

Undoubtedly one of the strangest injuries on this list, Chapman managed to, erm, burn his nipple during his loan spell at Mansfield. 

The midfielder was preparing some hot milk for his newborn, and proceeded to shake the bottle, only to realise he had not put the lid on properly in the most painful fashion. 

Chapman burnt all of his chest, particularly his nipple, and had to go to hospital as a result of the incident. 

5. Rio Ferdinand - TV Troubles

Injury: Strained Tendon

The former Manchester United defender, who recently announced his decision to take up boxing, suffered an unusual injury doing something not so strenuous. 

Ferdinand had his leg resting up on a coffee table whilst playing Pro Evolution Soccer, a game we all know and love, and seemed to lose track of time. 

He later found out that, due to his prolonged leg elevation, he had strained tendons in his knee once attempting to move it again. 

An extremely freakish event. 

4. Liam Lawrence - Doggy Disaster

Injury: Twisted Ankle

Former Stoke midfielder Liam Lawrence ended up missing his side's game against Portsmouth and a recall to the Republic of Ireland side following this comical gaffe. 

Lawrence attempted to step over his dog, who was relaxing conveniently on his staircase, only to go over on his ankle and take a tumble. 

He consequently had to go for an x-ray at the hospital, and probably never looked at his dog with the same adoration. 

3. David Batty - Tricycle Nightmare

Injury: Bruised Ankle

Midfield hardman David Batty suffered an uncharacteristically hilarious injury at the hands of his two-year-old daughter and her tricycle, when she ran over his ankle with the three wheeled contraption. 

To add insult to injury, Batty was already going through recovery for a knee ligament injury. 

You should have just bought her board games David! 

2. Alex Stepney - Shout, Shout, Let it All Out

Injury: Dislocated Jaw

In a remarkably unfortunate incident, former Manchester United goalkeeper actually managed to dislocate his jaw shouting orders at his defence in a match against Birmingham. 

For a goalkeeper to shout orders is no surprise, but to literally dislocate your jaw doing it is almost unheard of. 

One can only imagine how poorly the backline was performing that day...

1. Paulo Diogo - Pull Your Finger Out!

Injury: Ripped Off Finger

The hapless Paulo Diogo takes the unwanted prize of most unfortunate injury, coming in at number one on this wincing list. 

Diogo reacted to squaring the ball for a teammate to score by proceeding to run to the crown to celebrate with the fans, jumping on the metal fencing. 

When he had relieved all of his joyous celebrations, the luckless man jumped down, only to catch his wedding ring on the fencing and for it to rip his finger off. 

To add insult to a horrific injury, Diogo was also booked for excessive celebration, but that was to be the least of his worries as he continued to search for his discarded finger.