Most people would agree:

Pizza is good.


Okay fine. Most people would agree: 

There is no 'wrong time' to eat pizza...


That's a little more controversial, right? But still; hot/cold/early/late:

Pizza is one of those special foods that really has no culinary limits; it can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere - such as, after you've just destroyed the opposition in a Champions League opener...

Celtic v Paris Saint Germain - UEFA Champions League

...Following the 0-5 destruction of Celtic on Tuesday night, a video showing the victorious players munching down on the hangover favourite started making the rounds...

All except for one. Apparently new boy Kylian Mbappe had 'already eaten' (seems unlikely seeing as they were um, PLAYING FOOTBALL) and therefore, wasn't interested in this arguably (pepp)erroneous (sorry) display of team bonding:

And what about that nickname? Well...

So there you have it. What did Donatello and the other Ninja Turtles like? Pizza.  What does Mbappe NOT like?



Oh well, each to their own. Maybe he prefers a nice bap?

(Again. Really sorry.)