​Hull City and Republic of Ireland midfielder David Meyler is a well-publicised gamer, regularly uploading FIFA videos onto his YouTube channel, including a breakdown of his cards and matches.

In March, FIFA released a selection of special green cards to celebrate the iconic St. Patrick's Day, with Meyler packing his very own special edition FIFA card into the feature.

The 28-year-old, invariably, cares deeply about his FIFA stats, so much so that the Cork born player was seemingly inconsolably when presented with his latest ratings.

​​With his ratings revealed, you could also see Meyler's heart drop, as Soccer A.M. treated viewers to his downgraded pace and dribbling stats.

Meyler posts a wide array of FIFA content on his channel, including a video of him using Hull City teammate Tom Huddlestone's 95-rated Ultimate Team card. 

On his Twitch channel, the midfielder who was relegated with ​Hull last season from the ​Premier League, uses the following 'About Me' bio:

"Hey! Thanks for joining my Twitch Stream. I've always been a big gamer, every since my first playstation. As many of you aware I am a professional footballer for Hull City. I'm also a full international with the Republic of Ireland.

"My main reason for streaming is to raise money for charity, so all donations are grateful and will not go unnoticed. Thank you for watching and hopefully it will be enjoyable to watch."