​Chase and Status have become something of a British institution in the Drum and Bass scene over the last decade or so and in the run-up to their new album Tribe, the pair took some time out from their hectic schedule to chat to 90min about how they live football to unwind - as well as a bit about the new album.

In some down-time between playing in Romania, Estonia, Cyprus and more places on the Europa League checklist, Saul Milton - one half of the DJ duo - dug into his footballing past alongside noted Arsenal obsessive Will Kennard. 

"I'm Liverpool," Milton insisted. "I've supported Liverpool for a long time, but I'm not as expert as Will - I'm not as into it like that as I used to be, but my wife is a Red, she's the biggest fan of all time. She knows absolutely everything! 

"So there's a lot of football on in the house all the time and she makes sure our daughter is a certified Red as well. So it's in the blood, it's in the house, I can't get away from it! So I'm vicariously refinding my passion for the Reds."

When asked what the best game he's attended, though, he admitted: "Unfortunately I haven't been to a game for years - Will gets a chance to go to a few more than me. I am travelling quite a lot, I do the lion's share of the DJ work abroad, so I haven't been to a game in many years. Will was at a few interesting ones last year though, you should talk to him as well and see what he's got to say!"

We did just that a couple of days later - a quickfire Q&A that went as follows...

If you had to compare Chase & Status to a football team, who would it be & why?

Probably the Arsenal Invincibles for generally being class!

Are there any footballers with the music skills to join Chase and Status?

John Barnes has got some pretty big bars...

Are there any players or teams you hate - whether it's rivalries or something more specific?

Never will forgive Adebayor for that celebration. Ultimate sin in football.

Favourite game ever been to?

Arsenal beating Tottenham 5-2 from 2-0 down in 2012.

Worst moment as a fan?

Arsenal losing to Barcelona in the Champions League final 2006.

Favourite piece of football memorabilia you own?

I played a match with Ray Parlour once who gave me a signed ball from all the team. Quality!

Talk, inevitably, turned briefly to the new album and the plethora of collaborations - including Kano and Emile Sande - with Milton explaining: "It's been a little while since the album! The face of music's changed, how music is consumed has completely changed, so it's a different world. But it's as exciting as ever, and it's such a great time to fly the flag for great British music. 

"There's just so much great talent to work with in the UK, we couldn't help ourselves! We've also worked with some old friends, some real legends of the UK scene, and there's a lot of our roots on there. 

"There's a lot of straight drum 'n' bass, instrumental drum 'n' bass, lot of collaborations with our old friends like Kano who featured on our first album, so there's a lot of looking at the past and looking forward on the album. Looking at previous and feeling what we really loved and what really worked for us, so I think it's a really good spectrum of what we do."

For all the collaborations though, it doesn't look like there'll be any football-linked ones in there any time soon. 

"Erm...on a serious level, probably not," he admitted when quizzed. "It's be great to...yeah, no. I think Daniel Sturridge is quite into grime and rap and I'm sure he could hold his own. I can't actually remember - there were a couple of boys who actually went on Lord Of The Mics. I'm pretty sure there were some footballers on there, I remember seeing it and being pretty impressed."

Fans can catch Chase & Status at the residency at Amnesia in Ibiza every Tuesday, with more live dates ​here. Tribe is available to buy now on various platforms ​here.