6 of the Worst Excuses Used in Football After Nikola Kalinic Tells Fiorentina He 'Can't Train'

It's confirmed. Nikola Kalinic has produced one of the worst excuses ever seen as he seeks to push a move away from Fiorentina.

Targeted by AC Milan and Everton, Kalinic has decided he is too "emotionally restless" to train and will need at least five days off to recover from his vulnerable state.

It's incredible how often players who want a transfer suddenly pick up injuries, with players having no shame when it comes to bringing out horrendous excuses.

Here are six of the worst excuses seen in football history, whether it be managers diverting attention away from their teams or players attempting to justify some questionable actions.

1. David James

After one particular poor performance against Newcastle, David James decided honesty was the best policy and revealed the reason behind his dip in form.

"I was getting carried away playing Tekken II and Tomb Raider for hours on end."

Unsurprisingly, James' PlayStation addiction did little to ease any anger towards him from Liverpool fans who weren't particularly impressed by his Tomb Raider competency.

2. Joleon Lescott

With Aston Villa having been battered 6-0 by Liverpool, and anger amongst the Villa faithful at breaking point, Joleon Lescott decided he knew how to calm the situation.

Lescott took to Twitter and simply posted a picture of a Mercedes supercar, and to the surprise of absolutely nobody this made the general mood even worse.

Unperturbed, Lescott knew he had the perfect excuse, claiming it was a complete accident and happened while he was driving, with his phone managing to perfect the four-step tweet process while in his pocket.

3. Christian Panucci

After Italy's Euro 2004 campaign got off to a poor start with a goalless draw against Denmark, many were looking for an explanation as to why Italy looked so off colour.

Many pointed to the 34C heat, but defender Christian Panucci was ready and waiting with his explanation for the performance.

He said: "I had blisters on my heels at the end of the game. The thread that these socks were made with is too rough." 

The thread clearly didn't improve, as Italy crashed out at the group-stage.

4. Vladislav Vashchuk

There's being a bad loser, then there's being a terrible loser and then there's being Vladislav Vashchuk.

With possibly the worst excuse of all time, the Ukranian defender blamed his side's 4-0 loss to Spain in the 2006 World Cup on frogs. Yes, frogs.

"Because of the frogs' croaking we hardly got a wink of sleep, we all agreed that we would take some sticks and go and hunt them." 

Presumably the frogs were also responsible for Vashchuk's sending off in the match.

5. Yaya Toure

In the summer of 2014, Yaya Toure threatened to go on strike and leave the club after claiming Manchester City did not sufficiently celebrate his 31st birthday.

Led by an agent definitely chasing a birthday cake and absolutely not more money, Toure was said to be inconsolable that his team-mates did not even shake his hands on such a special day for the Ivorian.

Toure remains a City player three years later, and has been inundated with hand-shakes ever since.

6. Jose Mourinho

While it might come as a complete shock that somebody of Mourinho's honesty and integrity would ever turn to a terrible excuse to deflect attention away from his side, he did just that in 2011.

After his Real Madrid side lost to Barcelona in the Supercopa, Mourinho proclaimed it was due to a lack of ball-boys. If that wasn't enough, he also said this was "something typical of small teams", referring to a Barcelona side who had won the treble the previous season.