UEFA will allow for drink breaks during the European Super Cup tie between Manchester United and Real Madrid on Tuesday, as temperatures in Macedonia continue to soar.

As reported by ​The Sun, the two teams will be faced with daytime temperatures of up to 40 degrees during their short stay in Skopje, and UEFA have taken precautionary measures to prevent the effects of dehydration.


Several pauses in the action have been agreed upon by all parties, and will take place at the 30 and 60 minute minute marks so as to allow players to re-hydrate. This is of particular importance as temperatures are expected to be at least 32 degrees at the time of kick-off.

As things stand it has been forecast that temperatures will exceed this level as the match progresses at the Philip II National Arena, with storms also expected to hit at some point.

The game, played in Macedonia for the first time ever, has fallen at an unfortunate time as the Hellenic nation has been hit by the heatwave that has affected much of southern Europe.

Gareth Bale will be the centre of attention on Tuesday night, following United manager Jose Mourinho's assertions that if the Welshman finds himself unused, the Portuguese would be tempted to test Madrid's resolve for the superstar.

United fans will also be watching with great interest, as incoming signings Romelu Lukaku, Victor Lindelof and Nemanja Matic will all be pushing to be in the starting eleven for their competitive debuts.