​Real Madrid have banned Gareth Bale from playing football on a pitch installed in the garden of his home in Wales, ​the Sun have reported.

The winger included white lines and goalposts to make it more authentic, but he has now been told by his club that he cannot use it due to the risk of picking up an injury.

Los Blancos are also concerned because the player would not be covered by their insurance.

Juventus v Real Madrid - UEFA Champions League Final

A close family friend of Bale's told the Sun: “Gareth fell in love with the converted farmhouse because he could have his own pitch in the grounds.

“But he has scored an own goal because his club have banned him from playing on it. He did have some of his friends around for a game of five-a-side after they moved in.

“But that’s been stopped now in case he suffers another injury.”


Bale saw his 2016-17 campaign hindered by injury, almost missing out on an appearance in the Champions League final victory against Juventus in his hometown.

His relative added: “His club want to wrap him up in cotton wool after paying all that money for him.

“I think they are afraid his pitch might be a bit bumpy and he could injure his ankle again. But it’s a well-manicured pitch – he had a professional sports stadium groundsman do it for him.

“Gareth is a home loving boy and likes to meet up with old friends when he’s home. But from now on they will have to stick to playing football computer games, they might beat him at that.”