​The 2017 summer transfer window has been the summer of the 'announcement'; this is how the times are now, whether you like it or not.

There is more emphasis than ever for clubs to make full use of their social media, and something that has become more and more prominent is the inclination to announce new signings in the cringiest possible way.

We have had the likes of #LacaNewSigning, Mohamad Salah scrolling on Twitter and Antonio Rudiger appearing in the most embarrassing skit of all-time.

It looks like Sevilla have blown everybody out of the water though with their announcement video of Jesus Navas' signing, after he was released by Manchester City at the end of last season.

Sevilla's midfielder Jesus Navas gesture

Navas of course plied his trade with the three-time Europa League winners before moving to the Premier League in 2013, but it looks as though the Spaniards wanted to do something big to inform everyone that they have indeed re-signed him.

In their announcement video, they have Navas walking about in various locations as he is filmed from behind and afar as if being stalked.

Then, out of nowhere, two men jump him and bundle him into their car where they then drive him to the Ramon Sanchez Pizjuan Stadium.

Navas gingerly gets out of the car boot with what appears to be a bin bag on his head, before surveying his new (and old) home.

It's the definition of a Marmite announcement really - it could well be utter genius, or the most ridiculous thing you've ever seen depending on your sense of humour.