Liverpool have posted one of the most bizarre and hilarious videos that you will ever see from a professional football team, while on their pre-season training camp in Hong-Kong.

As you can see from the video below, James Milner hosted a rock paper scissors tournament with the whole squad involved:

Warning spoilers will follow if you haven't yet watched the epic battle that entailed.

The squad was split into two teams with a player from each team coming up per round, the loser  of a best of three would be knocked out and the team with no players left would lose.

Seems simple enough, but as you can see from the video some of the Liverpool players didn't find it all that easy to understand. The game was hosted by the ever enthusiastic James Milner and things certainly got heated between the players.

Some of the players also took the game surprisingly seriously, with certain decisions from Milner being questioned by either team throughout.

Daniel Sturridge can be seen getting especially disappointed, after losing to Ben Woodburn and Dejan Lovren can also be seen getting frustrated at people not playing quick enough.

Hopefully Sturridge didn't strain himself too much, as he looks to be fit for the start of the new season, in order to impress Jurgen Klopp who is yet to see the best of the England striker.

New signings Dominic Solanke and Mohamad Salah were also both involved in the team bonding session, although Solanke was knocked out the first round. Salah was at the middle of the games most controversial moment as he changed paper to rock when playing against Divock Origi, with Milner having to disperse the situation.


Ben Woodburn ended up as his team's last man standing, however he was eventually taken down by Marco Grujic. Another strange moment ensued at the end of the video where one of the oddest fore-fits for the losing team occurs, whereby players are slapped on the back by their teammates. Very strange.

Liverpool will complete their pre-season tour of Hong Kong on Saturday when they face Leicester at the Hong Kong Stadium.

Jurgen Klopp will hope that this ridiculous game will have helped his players grow closer as a group, as he looks to build a side that can compete in the Premier League and Champions League next season.