Astonishing Potential Total Cost of Paris Saint-Germain's Move for Neymar Revealed in Report


Paris Saint-Germain could have to pay an astronomical total sum to complete the signing of Barcelona forward Neymar.

​Sport have reported that the wealthy Ligue 1 club, when taking into account the transfer fee and Neymar's wages, may be set back around €528m. The Brazilian's release clause at Barcelona is set at €222m, a fee PSG have been rumoured to be willing to pay.

But the French club would also have to pay Neymar's extensive salary demands, which Sport claim would add up to €306m.

A small consolation for the Parisians is that they will not be required to pay a big tax bill. Following a change in the ruling, meeting a player's release clause no longer means that the buying club has to pay full VAT.

That would mean that the €222m would be a stand alone fee, when under the previous ruling it would have cost an additional £46.62m in VAT, as well as £106.56m in IRPF, which would take the cost of the transfer to £328.56m.

PSG would offer Neymar a contract worth €30m a year for five years, although his salary would come under the highest tax bracket in France of 45 percent.

For the 25-year-old to earn £30m net a season, he would have to be paid £61.2m every season by PSG.