Brazilian Journalist Gives 3 Key Reasons Why Neymar Camp Is Saying Yes to PSG


​Journalist Marcelo Bechler has claimed there are a number of specific reasons why Neymar will trade Barcelona for Paris Saint-Germain this summer.

With earlier ​reports suggesting the Brazilian will quit the Nou Camp for a move to the Parc des Princes in a world-record £190m transfer, the reasons for the sensational transfer have seemingly been revealed. 

Bechler, via ​Lance, claimed that despite Barcelona trying to convince Neymar not to leave the club there were a number of reasons why the 25-year-old changed his mind to take on a new challenge. 

The first is that he knows he can never be the main man at the club whilst Lionel Messi continues to dominate. Although there are no issues between the pair, Neymar knows he will simply continue to be a side act if he remains alongside the Argentine. 

Whereas in Paris he would be the outright star of the team, and the addition of Dani Alves is said to be considered a 'gift' for Neymar as the French club want him to be aware that they are looking for only the best players in the world to join up with them.

The 25-year-old could also expect a significant pay rise with PSG, said to be significantly higher than his current salary at the Nou Camp which is around €15m a year. 

The final consideration is the relationship between Neymar's father and the club's board, as he was said to be frustrated with the Lucas Lima deal which saw the club retract their deal after they became wary of receiving punishment from FIFA.

With a lot of moving parts the saga between the two clubs is expected to run for a while, but it seems Neymar and his father have collated a serious list of reasons why he should leave Barcelona.