​Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has sparked speculation and frenzy amongst his Instagram followers, and the wider footballing world, due to his latest post which sees him about to board a plane, no less.

Being that such a snap was posted in the transfer window, the post has been taken as a clue that the striker will be on the move to a new club this Summer, and, due to the blue clothing, many are speculating Chelsea to be his destination. 

​​The 28-year-old has been almost unstoppable in his time at Borussia Dortmund, igniting a lot of interest from other clubs.

Scoring a very impressive 31 goals in 32 appearances for Dortmund last season, the striker is certainly someone to look out for if he does indeed make a move to the Premier League, which grows more and more likely.

After Chelsea missed out on signing ex-blue Romelu Lukaku to Manchester United, Antonio Conte will be looking to make a statement with the signing of a big name striker, particularly after telling Diego Costa he is no longer in his plans.

Furthermore, ​Sky Sports reported on Wednesday that the striker, who has three years left on his contract, has been offered to Chelsea for the fee of £70m, adding even more to the rumour mill.

However, Sky also reported, via twitter, that no official bid has been made for the Dortmund striker, inferring that everything is just speculation and rumours as it stands.

It seems as though Aubameyang's post could be an innocent post, or perhaps he's planting the seed and informing his followers on his preferred destination.

However, with Chelsea needing to sign an established and talented striker to replace Costa, they may need to look no further than what is being offered to them.