Arsenal fans have been greeted with rumours this week that Alexis Sanchez suddenly wants wages of £400,000-per-week to sign a new contract that will keep him at the club beyond 2018. 

It's almost three times what he currently earns and reportedly £125,000 more than the still very lucrative current offer on the table.

It has led an increasing number of Gunners supporters to question whether the Chilean, who scored 30 goals in all competitions last season, if he is actually worth it.

And a growing number would appear to believe that he's perhaps not. One Twitter user named @wozthegooner has expressed surprise at the adoration Sanchez still receives from the majority of fans and labelled the player's attitude in recent months as 'abysmal'.

A clearly disgruntled Woz tweeted in the wake of the £400,000 rumours, "He's not a leader of men, he's never led by example. He's self centered and individualistic. Brilliant footballer no question."

Woz then proceeded to share a data table created by analyst @sbourgenforcer to further shatter the Alexis illusion. Fuelling the overly selfish image, Sanchez topped the table of the players who lost possession for their team most often in the Premier League in 2016/17.

One way or another, Sanchez gave the ball away 656 times last season, well over 100 times more than the next most guilty, Christian Benteke at Crystal Palace (529). That directly contributed to a league-high 63.82 potential shots against the Gunners.

Sanchez's individual losses of possession counted for 15% of the times that Arsenal lost the ball as a whole team over the course of the campaign. No other player included was more than 11%.

No individual from any other club in the Premier League's top six featured on the table, which ranked players on the potential number of shots their team faced as a result of them losing the ball.