As reported by ​Marca, via ​IBT, in an awkward reverse of the age old adage 'the company that plays together stays together', four players on the books at Sport Clube Gaúcho in Brazil have had their contracts torn up after a video depicting them masturbating in the club's locker room was leaked. 

Yep. This actually happened.


In perhaps the least surprising news of all-time, the club's president, Gilmar Rosso, was not amused by the clip; what IS amusing is the fact he has since pointed out the only thing he was truly angry at was the fact the players were filming in the locker room without permission.

The video itself is reportedly fairly graphic and as aforementioned, shows the players involved in group masturbation.

"When I hit play, I deleted it, I think it's disgusting," Rosso states. "Outside business hours we have nothing to do with the situation. If they want to get drunk, drink, gay or not, that's their problem. What I have to answer as president is during a trip, office hours. That's my responsibility.


''The Gaucho Sport Club is not a keeper of morals and good manners. The only thing wrong was to make the video inside the locker room," Rosso told GloboEsporte.

As is typical of our times, the video inevitably popped up on social media which subsequently saw the club become a target for jokes and ridicule - not the best look for any professional organisation. 

The players involved have thus far refused to comment on the incident.