​Italian legendary goalkeeper Dino Zoff has slammed AC Milan goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma saying he 'didn't get a thing right' during the U21 European Championship.

Donnarumma is centre of a huge dispute with Milan after he refused a new contract and according to Zoff, who spoke to Corriere della Sera newspaper, via ​Football Italia, the starlet is not focused and has gotten himself entangled in a situation that he can't handle.

Zoff said: That kid is not focused, you can see it a mile away. I think he got himself involved in a situation far bigger than he can handle, just look at what he did in the European Championship. 

Italy v Germany - 2017 UEFA European Under-21 Championship

He added: "Unfortunately, I expected it, because after the storm that erupted around him in the media I’d have been agitated when I was 40 years old, let alone him aged 18."

The 18-year-old had one of the worst shot-to-goal ratios in the tournament - despite his team making it to the semi-finals. Zoff insists that the young Milan keeper needs to concentrate on his game and learn from his mistakes in order to improve.

He said: "He should just be focused on playing, growing and improving. Lads need to be on the field for as long as possible so they can learn from their mistakes. Like everyone, Donnarumma makes mistakes and he’ll make many more, especially if he doesn’t resolve this issue quickly."

Dino Zoff

He added: "He didn’t get a thing right at the Euros. He’s talented, I said many times there’s a bright future ahead of him, but it all depends on Donnarumma."

The former Italian goalkeeper claims that the Serie A keeper's mind was not at the Championship and it was clear to see that he lacked concentration and was a direct result of the transfer saga that is still ongoing.

He said: You could tell in Poland that his mind was elsewhere. You didn’t need to be a goalkeeper to tell he lacked the usual quick reactions, but that was only natural in the circumstances.

He added: "My advice is to stay at Milan. He can grow there as a person, an athlete and a professional. It’s the right choice and the only thing he can do to get back on track in the maturation process. 

"All of us have our future in our hands, but Donnarumma even more so. In football you are only what you give on the pitch day by day, not the autographs you sign, the wages you earn or the valuation your agent puts on your head.”