​Hector Bellerin was already likely to be feeling the pain as Spain failed to retain their U21 European Championship on Friday night against Germany, but Twitter did not let the Arsenal full-back off easily as they confounded the pain when he was awarded with his runner-up medal. 

Spain were merely passengers as Germany continued their football world dominance, and with the Spanish side lining up to receive their runner-up medals it was clear to see why Bellerin caught the attention of football Twitter.

Kepa Arrizabalaga, Niguez, and Sandro Ramirez were ahead of the Gunners right-back as they awaited their silver medal to be placed around their neck, but the trio did something without hesitation which the 22-year-old did not - as they immediately took their medals off.

As did those who followed on from the right-back, Ceballos and Inaki Williams, which signalled the immediate commencement of trolling.



A sportsman is often very competitive, and the awarding of a 'losers' medal to some is a signal of accepting mediocracy if Twitter is anything to go by. Poor lad. 

The fact that he is an Arsenal player who does not have a lot of winner medals to show for it, probably did not help Bellerin's cause.

But something good did come out of the U21 Euros for Bellerin as his commitment to donating £50 to the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire for every minute he played, returned a tremendous £18,000 - as he played 360 minutes throughout the tournament.