​Three years ago at the World Cup, Arjen Robben threw himself to the ground in the box, to the outrage of the watching world, to earn the Netherlands a penalty that saw them advance past Mexico and into the semi-finals.


On Thursday, they opened up a can of worms by uploading a somewhat controversial post to their official Instagram account of the incident that was captioned 'ERA PENAL!', meaning 'IT WAS A PENALTY'.

The inflammatory post is sure to get some blood boiling, as the clear dive meant Mexico's journey in the tournament came to an abrupt end with the 2-1 defeat.

The incident may have happened three years ago, but for one disgruntled fan on Twitter, the pain of an unfair elimination is relived every single day.

@Josemor26 has taken it upon himself to tweet the official Dutch Twitter account every single day for the past TWO YEARS with the slogan 'no era penal', meaning 'it wasn't a penalty'.

Robben, as top class a player as he has been throughout his career, has always been one to hit the ground under minimal contact, but his simulation at the 2014 World Cup was arguably one of his lowest moments.

Lord only knows how @Josemor26 will react when he catches wind of the latest OnsOranje Instagram post...