​Manchester United fans are again worrying about forward Anthony Martial after the France international deleted all his posts on Instagram.

The 21-year-old has ​recently been involved in a social media spat with his former wife Samantha Helena and he may have acted out in reaction to the saga, deleting all his Instagram pictures in a move notably spotted by most of his 3.8m followers.

Helena and Martial's current girlfriend, Melanie Da Cruz, got into a SnapChat spat last week following the second birthday of Martial's daughter.

The former Monaco man attended a birthday party for his child and was accompanied by Da Cruz, provoking a feisty response from Helena.


Martial then took to Instagram to defend his girlfriend but the post has since been deleted, leaving Red Devils fans curious just how his summer holidays are going.

Love interests seem to be the source of a lot of drama in Martial's life and it's hard to imagine the stories halting any time soon.