​In the early hours of Wednesday morning, West London was met with the harrowing image of 24-storey Grenfell Tower engulfed in flames, destroying the lofty building's resident's possessions and livelihoods.

In the occurrence of a crisis, it's said that football can bring people and communities together, and it appears that Championship club Queens Park Rangers have adopted a somewhat 'blitz-spirit' styled attitude towards helping the unfortunate few which had managed to escape the monstrous inferno, after this post on their official Twitter site.

The tweet reads: "For those affected by #GrenfellTower fire, our doors and facilities at Loftus Road are open to you." A fitting gesture from a club which undoubtedly means so much to the surrounding area.

For many, the terraces offer a safe haven and shelter regardless of the circumstances, although for those who have been left with next to nothing, Loftus Road has surfaced as a worthy sanctuary, matchday or not.

​​According to a report published by Telegraph, more than 250 firefighters were deployed upon the smouldering building, several of which have suffered injuries trying to stifle and contain the devastating blaze.

Knowing where to turn in times of disparity is usually a more than difficult ordeal and supportive heroes are seldom recognised in the usual mundanities of everyday life.

Due to the catastrophic nature of the Grenfell disaster, with many still fighting, surviving or indeed grieving, QPR should be commended for their compassionate efforts in offering a helping hand to the people which need it the most.