​Over one billion people watched Spain lift the 2010 World Cup in South Africa as Vincente del Bosque's side overcame the Netherlands in extra-time, courtesy of an Andres Iniesta goal. However, anyone living in North Korea were not part of those viewing figures.

To this day, the controversial nation believe that it was in fact Portugal that lifted the trophy in Johannesburg.

Spain's striker David Villa (C) celebrat

The humorous story behind why this is the case came from Alvaro Leite, a flight attendant with TAP Portugal who visited North Korea last April.

"Throughout our visit to Pyongyang we had the company of a guide who spoke English," Leite told ​Marca.

"He told us that Cristiano Ronaldo is a true idol for many people and that football has a very high importance and popularity across the country.

"It was then that the idea formed in the country that Portugal had won, they were 4-0 up against North Korea when, due to embarrassment, the government regime cut the broadcast.

"It was after the 60th minute, when Tiago scored, so no one in the country saw the other three goals of Portugal's 7-0 win."

The embarrassing defeat was then used by North Korea to elevate Portugal's status, describing the 4-0 loss as acceptable due to the amazing talent of their opponents. 

In turn, this meant that the North Koreans were led to believe that although they had been thrashed, it was at least a loss against the eventual World Cup winners.

Due to restricted television broadcasting after the game, no one in the country actually saw Spain knock out Portugal in the last-16 of the competition and the subsequent title celebrations when captain Iker Casillas lifted the trophy.