Football fans have been left open mouthed this week over the sums of money that will be paid to Premier League clubs for their efforts this season, with even dreadful Sunderland earning close to £100m, thanks mainly to the league's enormous television revenues.

Although only pocketing £1.9m in actual prize money for their 20th place finish, the Black Cats' total payout for the season hit £93.5m.

Sunderland v AFC Bournemouth - Premier League

'Equal Share' from the UK TV market and 'Overseas TV' payments are worth a whopping £35.3m and £39.1m respectively to every single club in the Premier League.

Only 10 Sunderland games were shown live in the UK in 2016/17, leaving them a relatively small 'Facility Fees' payment of £12.4m - the league minimum. For the likes of Chelsea (28 games broadcast live in the UK), Manchester United (28), Manchester City (28) and Liverpool (29), the 'Facility Fees' were much higher at around £32m each for the campaign.

Raking in just shy of £39m specifically in prize money, termed 'Merit Payment', for finishing top of the pile, Chelsea led the Premier League in overall payment with a total of £150.8m.

Chelsea v Sunderland - Premier League

Second place Tottenham pulled in £145.5m, but that was actually less than Manchester City (£146.9m) and Liverpool (£146.1m) because less of their games were chosen for live broadcast.

It was a similar case with sixth place Manchester United (£141.1m) taking in more money than fifth place Arsenal (£139.6m) because three fewer Gunners games were broadcast live in the UK, diminishing their 'Facility Fees' income for the season.

As many as 17 of the 20 Premier League clubs earned at least £100m overall from TV revenue and prize money in 2016/17, demonstrating just why even mid-table and bottom end clubs can afford to pay bigger wages and transfer fees than many big teams elsewhere in Europe.

Sporting Intelligence's Nick Harris has pointed out that Sunderland's £93m for finishing dead last in the Premier League is greater than what Juventus will receive from Serie A, Bayern Munich from the Bundesliga and Monaco from Ligue 1, despite all finishing as champions.

ClubMerit Payment​Total Payment​ (inc. TV Money)
​Tottenham Hotspur£36,890,571​£145,461,325​
Manchester City​£​34,948,962​£146,927,965
Manchester United​£29,124,135​£141,103,138​
West Bromwich Albion​£21,357,699£114,023,291​
West Ham United​£19,415,090£116,626,014​
Leicester City​£17,474,481​£115,820,488​
Stoke City​£15,532,872​£107,062,381​
​Crystal Palace​£13,591,263​£109,665,104
​Swansea City£11,649,654​£103,179,163​
Hull City​£5,824,827​£97,354,336​

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