​There's an obvious trend between how high a football club is in the footballing pyramid and the size of their wage budget.

Take someone like Manchester United and compare them with, say, a non-league team, and the amount that they can offer their stars and new arrivals differs vastly.

For Billericay Town, such a correlation doesn't really compute. Why? Well, given that the Isthmian Premier League division team play in the seventh tier of English football, their wage budget is not in keeping with their lowly position:

You're not reading that wrong: Billericay reportedly have a £25,000-a-week wage bill that is more than five times the size of what some National League teams (the fifth tier) would have!

How are the Essex-based club able to have such a sizeable budget? Well, that's down to multi-millionaire owner Glenn Tamplin who, since taking over last December, has made it rain by renovating the stadium and bringing in higher-tier players on big wages to help his club rise through the leagues.


Among those signed by Billericay include 30-year-old former England U21 and Tottenham midfielder Jamie O'Hara and two-time full England international and veteran Premier League left back Paul Konchesky.

It's might seem like fun and games for now, but the money's going to run out eventually, right? Especially if the club don't gain promotion on a consistent basis...

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