The Rio de Janeiro derby, in Brazil's top tier, between Vasco de Gama and Fluminense had to be stopped for a brief period on Saturday after a Vasco de Gama fan decided to fly a drone over the pitch.

Fans of Vasco de Gama, instead of using the conventional plane trailing a banner, inventively used a drone to fly a banner mocking Fluminense fans over the stadium.

Drone flown over Vasco de Gama stadium during Rio de Janeiro derby.

Pictures from ​DreamTeamFC show the drone carrying a banner displaying a ‘C’ sign.

To the average viewer this may have seemed random. But the Vasco de Gama fans knew exactly what they were doing, and the banner will have undoubtedly got under the skin of a few Fluminense fans. 

The ‘C’ references Fluminense's relegation to Serie C in 1999, the third tier of Brazilian football. An event which Vasco fans weren't willing to let Fluminense fans forget just yet.

Aside from the fantastic drone related banter from Vasco fans, the game itself was an exciting goal-fest.

The dramatic Rio de Janeiro derby finished 3-2 to Vasco de Gama. Fluminense managed to fight back after being 1-0 down at half time to get the score to 2-2. And it looked like their efforts would pay off and earn them a point.

Vasco da Gama v Fluminense - Brasileirao Series A 2017

However, a familiar name to West Ham fans, striker Nene, scored a dramatic 93rd minute winner.

Further familiar faces for fans of European football included former Sevilla striker Luis Fabiano. The captain of Vasco de Gama, who started up top, also opened the goal scoring in the 26th minute. While Fluminense's goalkeeper Diego Cavalieri, may be remembered by some Liverpool fans.

Both teams have had an inconsistent start to the season and sit in fourth and fifth place after three games in Brazil's top tier. 

But the banner-carrying drone was undoubtedly one of the main talking points after the game.