Former Manchester United stopper Massimo Taibi has advised to ​AC Milan prodigy Gianluigi Donnarumma against moving to the Premier League, on the grounds that Serie A referees protect goalkeepers better.

According to Corriere dello Sport, via ​Football Italia, the 47-year-old believes the youngster ought to remain in the Italian top flight as it makes for a safer environment for him to develop, rather than move to England.


Taibi, who made just four appearances for Manchester United in the 1999/2000 season, said: "The difference between Serie A and the Premier League? Firstly there used to be more distance, United were the only English team that paid careful attention to tactics. Now they have learned in the Premier League but some differences remain.

"The referees have different principles, for example, in Italy they whistle for every foul on the goalkeeper, while in England you are not protected."

Taibi is well placed to advise against moving to England, after he became famed for his own ill-fated move to Old Trafford back in 1999 - where he made just four appearances by failing to adapted, and one particular moment acts as his defining moment.

He also added: "In England there are no pressures from television, from the newspapers. But if Gigio went to Manchester United or Manchester City with a big contract as I have read, he would be criticised from the first error, which in Italy happens less.

"I hope Donnarumma will not go. He is 18 years old and does not play at a small team. There is time, so my advice is to stay Milan."

Donnarumma has been something of a revelation at AC Milan since his debut as a 16 -year-old in 2015. He has since made 66 Serie A appearances for the Rossoneri, establishing himself as first choice despite his tentative years, and has already made three senior outings for the Italian national team.