Real Madrid head coach Zinedine Zidane has guided his side to the pinnacle of club football since taking over. A second consecutive Champions League final awaits next month, and the Spanish title is within their grasp too.

But Zidane as a coach - even with his recent successes - still has some way to go to build a reputation comparable to the one he had as a player. The Frenchman was one of the most graceful and incredible players we've ever seen take to a football pitch, and it seems as though his kids are following in his footsteps.


All four of the Real Madrid boss’ sons are currently making names for themselves at different levels of the Madrid side's youth setup. And while Enzo, Luca and Elyaz aren't doing too badly for themselves, Theo Zidane is killing it for the club's Under-15's team. There's a lot of similarities to his game, and he's certainly shown it in a recent goal he scored.

Take note of the touch, his ability to glide across the pitch and the pure quality in the finish, and you may notice he takes after his old man in quite a few ways...

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