​Rafa Benitez was back in Liverpool on Sunday to cheer on runners at the Run for the 96 charity event.

The Spanish coach, fresh off the back of a promotion campaign with Newcastle, showed that Liverpool, and the club's fans, still retain a place in his heart.

Benitez still lives in the area, and was spotted offering his support at the annual run, which raises money for the LFC Foundation and Everton in the Community.

The 5km run is also an event in remembrance of those who died in and were affected by the Hillsborough Disaster of 1989.

Benitez has been a long-term supporter of the cause - in 2010 he donated £96,000 to the support group having left his role as Liverpool manager.

Still very much a popular figure with fans at the club, Benitez posed for photos with runners at the start of the race.

Last year, Benitez offered his opinion on the verdict of the Hillsborough inquests, which found that the 96 Liverpool fans who died were unlawfully killed.

“After so many years fighting for justice I am really pleased to see the verdict today, which confirms what we have been saying for a long time," he said.

Liverpool football manager Rafael Benite

“I am especially pleased for the families of the 96 who have sought justice for so long and with such dignity, as well as for the people of Liverpool and for football fans in general.

“Hopefully this verdict today will ensure that this kind of tragedy can never happen again.”