​Poor old Tony Adams, shockingly, it's just not working out for the Arsenal legend as manager of Granada.

He made a bold entrance at the club last month, as he looked to save the club from near-certain relegation, ​stating"I will try some things in training to liven up the team, as we try to achieve a miracle."

However, no miracles materialised and, apart from partaking in some bizarre-looking training ground routines and some questionable touchline attire, the 50-year-old has not managed to make much of an impression as manager at Granada.

The club have been relegated to Spain's second tier, and Adams, much like his team on the pitch, was embarrassed by Real Madrid star Isco, who poked fun at the Englishman's latest gear during Los Blancos' 4-0 leisurely stroll at Granada on Saturday.

Captured on video and, as quoted by Marca, Isco noticed Adams' natty restaurant-resembling waistcoat, and shouted: "Waiter! A Coca Cola!"

The joke got giggles from the likes of Luka Modric and Toni Kroos, while Karim Benzema also seemed perplexed by Adams' dodgy threads.