​A number of top professional footballers are addicted to gambling and are losing millions of pounds on betting, an insider has told the Mirror

The allegations comes just weeks after Burnley midfielder Joey Barton admitted that he had a gambling addiction following his 18-month ban from football for breaking rules relating to betting on matches.

The whistleblower has told the Mirror that bookies are offering players in the Premier League VIP incentives that sees them invited to Formula 1 and horse racing events, as well as the potential to gain free alcohol and invites to exclusive parties. 

One Premier League defender is alleged to have blown £500k on mobile phone casino games in just 12 months, whilst an England star is also said to have bet £500 on his own transfer to another club. 

With the insider, who is understood to be from a top bookie, claiming that gambling addiction is rife amongst footballers, they have further claimed that some companies have defied measures set by the Association of British Bookmakers and allowed those racking up large debts to continue betting. 

The whistleblower told the Mirror“Top players get invites to big sports events. They give them goodies so they get them to spend money, and free food and booze when they get there.

“One PL defender at a struggling club lost £500k on his mobile phone. Gambling on casino games is just too easy. You lose in seconds, on a spin.

“He had 39 pence left. At one stage, he had £1.2m.”


The insider went on to claim that account managers are allowing those players addicted to gambling to continue betting simply because they are footballers.

They added: “The England player who bet on his own transfer was sussed and the bet was voided. He had one account closed. Anyone else would have been banned. He set up another £40k account for roulette. They let him play. They do pick up big names.

“If it was Joe Average, not a ­footballer, they would not be allowed to continue playing.”