​Neymar was the talking point of the press conference and more importantly the match as Barcelona ensured Real Madrid had to perform against Granada later in the day to keep their place at the top of La Liga.

Post-match, manager Luis Enrique waxed lyrical to the ​official Barcelona website about the sumptuous skills that bamboozled Villarreal's defence time after time as the Catalan giants ran out comfortable winners in a surprisingly straight-forward match.

Enrique was pleased with the team performance, as they were expected to find it difficult against an in-form Villarreal side who are gunning for Europe. The boss, who will be leaving when his contract finishes at the end of the season admitted:

"The fact we scored four against Villarreal shows how well we did. They’re having an excellent season. Dealing with pressure was the key. It was a great all-round game against a great team.

"The team played well on and off the ball.

"We made the difference tell in the second half. It was then that our opponents really started to feel it after chasing the ball for so long."

Lionel Messi will again make the headlines as he scored his 51st goal of the season and 35th in the league. But the star that really stole the show and created the space for Messi to thrive was Neymar, showcasing his samba flair and countless dribbles to wow his audience.

Like the 100,000 fans who were lucky enough to gaze upon a brilliant attacking display, Enrique had nothing but compliments to say regarding the Brazilian's masterclass:

"He interprets football like nobody else, not even Brazilians. Most of his solo runs are so quick I don’t even have time to see what he’s done. It’s a joy to watch. Any football fan should appreciate what Neymar does, sometimes it’s more like ballet than football."

Barcelona did their part in the match, winning easily. Now the pressure will be on Real Madrid to maintain their lead at the top of La Liga.