​The face and founder of Arsenal Fan TV Robbie Lyle has claimed to have been racially abused by Tottenham fans after Sunday's north London derby - being called a 'black c**t'.

Spurs picked up a 2-0 win in their final game against the Gunners at White Hart Lane, with goals from Harry Kane and Dele Alli helping the hosts to keep chase with league leaders Chelsea.

However, as fans left the stadium, Lyle was said to have been on the receiving end of chants from the Spurs fans as well as the racist remarks.

'I'm not on about chants mate. I had people calling me a black c***. It was a small minority but it's not on. This is 2017.' Claimed Lyle in response to a tweet relating to the chants, according to the Mirror.

The presenter elaborated on the post-match antics in a video posted by Arsenal Fan TV, discussing the poor security for away fans.

"I was racially abused today. I have not had that at a football ground for years. There is no other football ground in the Premier League that I go to, that I get what I got today.

"Basically, if the police weren't around who knows what could have happened. It was disgraceful. 

"Tottenham are building this brilliant ground and it's looking amazing, I'm not going to hate on it, but if they don't do something about security for away fans there is no point in building that ground."