​Jermaine Jenas was keen to stress that Spurs were the better side after their 4-2 defeat against Chelsea in the FA Cup semi-final on Saturday.

Tottenham had the majority of the possession and more attempts on goal, but the Premier League leaders were typically efficient with both their use of the ball and their finishing.

Jenas was adamant that Spurs deserved more after the game, which led to some disagreement in the BBC studio. Alan Shearer was quick to point out that possession doesn't always indicate superiority, while Frank Lampard also differed in opinion.

​​"Spurs didn’t deserve to lose the game in the way they did," Jenas said. "They were the better team throughout the game - they dominated possession. But granted, Chelsea were much more potent in front of goal.

"Spurs have dominated that game. Chelsea were on the back foot for the majority of it - hanging on. Spurs played better than Chelsea."

Shearer pointed out that scoring four goals against the Premier League's best defence didn't suggest Chelsea were on the back foot, while Lampard responded: "You don’t need to be at your best to win semis and finals, I know a lot about it. I would be disappointed if we lost 4-2 and be called a better team later."