54-year-old ​Ray Woodhall had 27 heart attacks in December 2016, which started during a football match he was playing in, and he has now returned to play again after just four months of his near death and horrible experience.

Ray plays walking football for his hometown side Hartshill Strollers, and during one of their matches Ray had a cardiac arrest, and then had 26 more while he was in hospital, but thankfully he survived all of them. 

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Speaking to the ​Sun about setting foot back onto the football pitch, Ray said: “I was a bit nervous walking on to the pitch for the first time but everyone at the club’s been great.

“My cardiologist and the rehab have team have told me they’re fine with me playing again as long as I take it easy.

“Although in some games that’s easier said than done!”

Ray was full of praise for the NHS staff that helped him pull through his cardiac arrests at Worcestershire Royal Hospital, and he has said that one of the staff apologised when they bought Ray back round for the 27th time.


Ray said: “I said, ‘Why are you saying sorry?’ She said, ‘Because I’ve been punching your chest for the last few minutes really quite hard’.

“I said, ‘Don’t apologise. You’ve just saved my life again’.”

Ray has been undergoing intensive cardiology rehab and physio with a team of experts to get himself back to a healthy fitness level and generally feel healthy again. He has also been walking many miles to help him out in his rehab.

Mark Grazier, chairman of Hartshill Strollers, said: “It is great to have Ray back. He is a very popular member of the club and we were all shocked by his initial heart attack – and by the hospital drama which followed in the next 24 hours.”